What is the application fee for?

We will only review paid applicants. The $35 is a juried fee and when accepted it goes toward your 1st month of membership.

When will we find out if we are accepted?

Acceptance email will go out early June for all early members application.

Why are their different price structure?

The different price structure is created to better cater brands with different price points and number of skus. This way someone that’s selling cards for $5 doesn’t pay the same price as someone selling a piece of jewelry for $200.

If we have a range of product pricing, how do we decide which membership to choose from?

First choose the amount of products you would like to sell then average the price point of the chosen items to get membership pricing. Our team can also help with this!

How much inventory are you requesting?

Each brand can choose the amount of inventory to supply. Our team will also work with you individually to decide the right amount of inventory.

Why is there a commission fee?

The commission fee will cover the credit card processing fee and additional POS operational cost.

Where is the store located?

We are in negotiate right now with a few spaces in Soho, NYC. The stores we are looking at are located between W Broadway and Lafayette and Houston and Canal. We will notify everyone as soon as we have things finalize.

How much space does each brand gets?

This is based off of your membership level and items. But in general it's based on the SKUs of your membership and the size of your SKUs, which varies based on your product type.

If I choose a shared space will my brand name be displayed somewhere?

We would have a collective way to share you brand name, but not a dedicated one.

If I have a dedicated space do I have a limit on the amount of styles I display?

The maximum is 15 SKUs.

How are the products tagged?

We would have standard tagging across the store with indication of what the brand the product belongs to.

How many variations can each SKU include?

Each SKU comes with 2 additional variations (e.g. color or size).

Can I merchandise and decorate the dedicated space?

We would take advice from you and work with you to decorate the space. However, we would also need to create consistency across the different dedicated zones and have the final say on the look, styling, and design of the space.

How often do I receive the sales reporting?

Once a week.

How often do I receive payments?

Once a month.

What is the cancellation policy?

We have a 15 day cancellation policy after your first month subscription.

Is the membership month-to-month?

Yes. Your membership will renew on the 1st of every month.

What is the discount amount that you are currently offering?

We are doing an early bird discount till May 31. This rate is spelt out in our application. The rate will be back to the normal rate after May 31.

Is there a discount if I sign up for multiple months?

Yes! We offer discounts for 2-month and 4-month packages. Please contact our team at hello@goodgoods.market to discuss rate.

When is inventory due?

Inventory are due at least 14 days before your monthly subscription begins. This will allow our team to get your products store ready. Late deliveries will result in a delayed launch of your products.

Who takes care of inventory shipping cost?

The brand does. If you are in NYC, feel free to schedule a drop off time.

If I no longer wants to participate, how do I get my inventory back?

We will take care of the return of your products after your membership cancellation. Please give us up to 14 days to process the product return. You can choose to pick up your products or have us ship it back to you.


Note: Terms and conditions are subject to change