Sarah Bayot, Founder of Kicheko Goods

Meaning “smile/laughter” in Swahili, Kicheko Goods is an independent socially conscious brand that designs distinctive pieces which invest in education. Based in Washington, D.C., concepts for our small batch collections are inspired by geometry, nature, creative conversations and travel. Founded in 2014, Kicheko's aesthetic shares an unrefined boldness, sophisticated earthiness and playful simplicity. Staple ingredients are metals, wood, tine, fiber and stone. While all designs are made by hand, components and certain pieces are made by artisans or by family-owned manufacturers. In 2015 and 2016, Kicheko partnered with TOMS for two seasons designing an exclusive product for their holiday and spring marketplace collections. Kicheko's work has been featured in Darling Magazine, Washingtonian, Washington Post, DC Modern Luxury, Washington City Paper, Brightest Young Things, and Northern Virginia Magazine.

What are some of your lesson learned in 2017?

Pick up the phone and call someone. Not DM or text or comment or send an emoji. Call someone and share how you are, what you're going through, and ask specific questions about their world and life. There's something irreplaceable about hearing each other's voices and really having a conversation.

How would you advise aspiring makers to leave an imprint in the world simply by doing what they love?

Do what you do for love, first and foremost. Do what you do to make money, second. Love sustains you, gives energy, attracts the right people to you, and will keep you going during those long nights and uncertain times. It's obvious when you see people who love what they do. We all need to make a living and money to live so do everything you can to learn about your industry and business and apply that knowledge, gain experience, and know your value. But I truly believe that to leave an imprint on the world means to live to your fullest, most whole self. From that place of fullness, we can create good things and treat each other with kindness.

Kicheko Goods

How does collaboration factor into your creative process?

We love collaborating with other brands and artists. The alchemy of ideas and energy is so life-giving.

Kicheko Goods

Kicheko GoodsWhat is a community to you?

An ecosystem of people that connect beyond the surface and are fully themselves with each other - willing to support each other through the good and the bad.

What's something that you'd like to incorporate into your schedule that you can't right now?

Meditation/prayer and morning pages when I wake up.

What's your daily mantra?

You are here. Live with love. Live with power.

Kicheko Goods