Cafe Warshasky

I started Café Warshafsky when I was a waitress at Jack's Wife Freda in SoHo (they were actually my first account). I come from a background in visual art but was always a home baker. My aha moment came from a feeling of nostalgia for those Danish butter cookies in the navy blue tin. I think everyone remembers those. I wanted to re-create a nostalgic product but with a new, unique aesthetic and this is how Café Warshafsky shortbread in exotic flavors began! I like to put whimsy into the branding and flavors so that the consumer feels they are a part of a fun, even peculiar culture. That's what Café Warshafsky would be all about if the cafe actually existed. For the moment it's just through these shortbreads and merchandise (coming soon)!


New York, NY

Mai Warshafsky