With Love & Light Jewelry

With a background in Oriental Medicine, the founder Erin Lee studies and works daily with the energetic meridian systems of the body.  Healing crystals have been used to treat ailments for thousands of years not only in Asia, but in all parts of the world.  After working with the spiritual and physical healing properties of crystals using various healing techniques, she was inspired to spread her love of crystals and their mysterious healing capabilities with the creation of beautiful wearable accessories for the Soul. 

With Love & Light Jewelry is devoted to making the metaphysical accessible to the masses.  Our jewelry is modern, whimsical, unique and timeless - designed to pull together your most polished look or add whimsy to your weekend wardrobe.

We select a combination of crystals designed for the maximum restoration of energetic well-being.  Every piece in our collection is handcrafted in NYC with Love & Light, and we hope to pass this same intention on to its wearer.

New York, NY

Erin Lee